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In recent years, roller blinds have been gaining strength in an unstoppable way, to become the current undisputed kings of window decoration and sun protection, both in residential homes and in offices and industrial environments.

These are one-piece curtains that are folded vertically, activated by a manual or motorized mechanism.

Durability and Resistance

By their very design, roller blinds are durable and resistant shades that are suitable for any environment, even the most demanding.

Fully Tuned Solutions

The diversity of fabrics allows us to offer solutions perfectly adjusted to your needs and requirements

Cleaning and maintenance

Its design and material allow the day-to-day care of these blinds to be done quickly and easily.

Roller blinds

The best quality

Solutions fully tailored to your needs. The diversity of fabrics allows us to offer solutions perfectly adjusted to your needs and requirements. For example, you can decide how much light the blind lets through, creating environments that range from diaphanous luminosity to total opacity. In addition, screen fabrics with an appropriate opening factor will allow you to see the outside, but without being seen from the outside, with all the advantages of comfort and privacy that this implies.

Blinds Package

Without rods

The package blind is a curtain very similar to the folding blind, with which it shares many characteristics. However, it lacks ribs, which gives the fabric a more natural drape.

Pick up by means of a cord that crosses the rings sewn to the vertical ribbons.

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