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In recent years, roller blinds have been gaining strength in an unstoppable way, to become the current undisputed kings of window decoration and sun protection, both in residential homes and in offices and industrial environments.

These are one-piece curtains that are folded vertically, activated by a manual or motorized mechanism.

Rollers of Night and Day

Easy and Modern

Easy and modern solution to alternate light and opacity, made of technical fabric, usually PVC.

Made in horizontal bands alternated by translucent and other opaque, giving the possibility of regulating according to the user's taste, alternating between different degrees of light input.

They bring together the best features of vertical and roller blades, controlling the desired light.

Versatile and Modern

The most modern

They do not occupy space

They fit perfectly

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Lapa Rollers

sense of spaciousness

The limpet blind is a roller blind designed to be installed directly to the window frame, remaining firmly attached to it, even when the window or door tilts or moves.

It consists of a compact upper drawer, aluminum side guides and a lower counterweight. Like any other roller blind, it is activated with a chain.

The compact upper drawer hides the tube where the blind fabric is rolled up and is fixed, by means of self-drilling screws, to the beading of the window sash. This is important because it allows the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the window to be preserved, which would be compromised if the holes were made on the window sash itself.

Thanks to these guides and the lower counterweight, the blind fabric always remains taut and parallel to the glass, even when the window is tilted or moving.

This feature makes lapa blinds suitable for any type of window, especially for hinged sashes, so common in kitchens and bathrooms.

Lapa blinds are a very comfortable and functional sun protection system, because as they are integrated directly into the window sash and move along with it, we can open and close windows comfortably, without having to move the curtains aside, as is the case with other blinds. Solar protection.

In addition, lapa blinds take up very little space, so they give a greater feeling of spaciousness to the rooms where they are installed.

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